SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:


 ANdAL and rangamannAr

SrIvillipuththUr is located to the south of thirumAlirunjOlai. The dhivya dhEsam is part of varAha kshEthram. The town used to be a forest. varAha swAmy took rest under banyan tree after the avathAr in this forest . Also, there was a demon named kAlanEmi who was giving troubles to all the rishis (sages). Upon their request, sriman nArAyanan summoned thiruvAzhi AzhwAn (sudharsana chakram) to kill the demon. After that, the three holy rivers gangA, yamunA & saraswathi were summoned to cleanse thiruvAzhi AzhwAn. The remains of them (holy rivers) form the river thirumukkuLam – kuLam (pond) made of mUnRu (three) rivers.

Once two kings villi and kanthan (brothers) came to this forest for hunting. It happened that a tiger killed kanthan, one of them. villi was searching for his brother. Then bhagavAn came in his dream and explained about the incident and also showed himself to Villi. Then Villi demolished the forest and created the town, hence the name SrIvillipuththur – puthu – new, Ur – town, villipuththur – the town that was created newly by villi.

The important glory to this dhivya dhEsam is as follows. periyavAchchAn piLLai in his nAchchiyAr thirumozhi vyAkyAnam proclaims that this dhivya dhEsam is made of maNi (gem), muthu (pearl) & pon (gold). It has the following internal meanings.

Also, this dhivya dhesam is very special that, perumAL, thAyAr and AzhwAr – all 3 of them taking birth. perumAL appeared as varAha and also archAvathAra emperumAn. bhUmi dhEvi thAyAr appears as ANdAL and periyAzhwAr too took birth here.

The temple here is affectionately known as nAchchiyAr thirumALigai – the residence of ANdAL nAchchiyAr. ANdAL nAchchiyAr is the prime focus of this dhivya dhEsam and all activities/uthsvams revolve around her presence. Also, the well in which ANdAL used to check her reflection after wearing the garland (to be submitted to perumAL) is still preserved.

periyAzhwAr and ANdAL have performed mangaLAsAsanam for this dhivya dhEsam emperumAns. During the times of SrI rAmAnuja, he visited thirumAlirunjOlai and fulfilled ANdAL‘s desire of submitting 100 pots of butter and akkAra adisil (sweet rice). After that he visits SrIvillipuththUr. At that time, ANdAL comes out of the garbagruham (inner sanctum) and affectionately calls out for emperumAnAr as “nam kOyil aNNar” (my dear elder brother – since elder brothers fulfill the desires of their little sisters). During mAmunigaL’s times, he visits SrIvillipuththUr and performs many kainkaryams in this dhivya dhEsam through his sishyas.

The rAja gOpuram of this dhivya dhEsam is one of the tallest one and it is said that periyAzhwAr himself did this kainkaryam with the help of SrI vallabadhEvarAyan, the pAndiyA king. It is also the official emblem/symbol of thamizhnAdu government.

This is one of the dhivya dhEsams were arayar sEvai (reciting pAsurams with dance-steps) is still performed regularly.

In the inside prAkAram, dhivya dhEsa emperumAns, AzhwArs and AchAryas are beautifully painted.

vadabadhrasAyi emperumAn painting in the inner prAkAram

AchArya purushas

Many AchArya purushas coming in the lineage of aruLALa perumAL emperumAnAr, nallAn chakravarthy,erumbiyappa etc., live in this dhivya dhEsam.


  1. arayar
  2. periya nambi
  3. vEdha pirAn bhattar
  4. appan
  5. thAthu ayyangAr
  6. nallAr ayyangAr
  7. jIyar
  8. (other thIrthakAras)

vidhwAns (scholars)

Many vidhwAns have been born in this dhivya dhEsam. Many of them served as AsthAna vidhwAns of SrI vAnamAmalai mutt and SrI thirukuRungudi mutt. Some of them are listed here:

  • thirumalai periya kELvi appan sAdhu rAmAnujachAr swAmy
  • arayar SrI vadabadhrasAyI swAmy
  • vidhwAn SrI vinjimUr AzhwAr swAmy
  • thirumalai nallAn chakravarthy rAmakrishnamAchAr swAmy
  • vidhwAn SrI vinjimUr V.K. srinivAsAchAr swAmy
  • vidhwAn SrI gOvindhayyangAr swAmy
  • vidhwAn SrI vinjimUr vEngadAchAr swAmy (current AchArya of the thirumALigai)


There are several sannidhis and uthsavams that happen for the emperumAns, ANdAL nAchchiyAr, AzhwArs and AchAryas in this dhivya dhEsam.

First, inside the temple there are several emperumAns and AzhwArs/AchAryas.

  • Presiding deity
    • periya perumAL sannidhi
      • mUlavar – periya perumAL/SrI vadabadhra sAyi (vata – banyan tree, pathra – leaf, sAyi – one who is lying down)
      • uthsavar – periya perumAL with SrI dhEvi and bhU dhEvi nAchchiyArs

    • ANdAL sannidhi

      • Note: When emperumAnAr arrived here after his visit to thirumAlirunjOlai, ANdAL nAchchiyAr stepped out of garba gruham (inner sanctum) to the maNdapam in front of it to affectionately welcome her brother. Since then she has never gone back to the garbagruham and the uthsavars always stay in the maNdapam in front of the garba gruham.
  • sEnai mudhaliyAr
  • AzhwArs
  • nammAzhwAr
  • periyAzhwAr

Please note that the last three sannidhis are not under the control of temple administration.

Outside the temple:

  • thiruvaNNAmalai SrInivAsa perumAL sannidhi
  • shenbagathoppu SrI kAttazhagar sannidhi
  • nadakasalai street SrInivAsa perumAL sannidhi
  • annamadam SrInivAsa perumAL sannidhi
  • thiruvEngadamudaiyan SrI aruLALaperumAL emperumAnAr sannidhi  (kuppanaiyengar mandapam)
  • krishNan kOyil SrI krishnar sannathi
  • chakkarakuLa street SrI varadharAjar sannidhi


  • chithrai
    • ANdAL rangamannAr –  nIrvAvi kOdai (summer) uthsavam – 10 days
    • Chithra paurnami
    • emperumAnAr uthsavam with thIrthavAri, puRappAdu & mangaLAsAsanam – 10 days completing on thiruvAdhirai
  • vaikAsi
    • ANdAL rangamannAr – vasantha (spring) uthsavam – 10 days,
    • nammAzhwAr uthsavam – 10 days completing on visAkam
  • Ani
    • periyAzhwAr brahmOthsavam with dhvajArohaNam completing on swAthi
    • muppazham uthsavam on Ani paurNami
  • Adi
    • ANdAL brahmOthsavam with dhvajArohaNam completing on pUram
    • Aadi swathi – sri garudAzhwAr thirunakshathiram
  • AvaNi
    • SrI jayanthi – rOhiNi/ashtami followed by uRiyadi uthsavam on the next day
    • vadabadhrasAyi emperumAn thiru-pavithrOthsavam
  • purattAsi
    • vadabadhrasAyi emperumAn brahmOthsavam with dhvajArohaNam completing on sravaNam
    • ANdAL navarAthri uthsavam – 9 days
    • vijaya dhasami
  • aippasi
    • Unjal (jhUla/swing) uthsavam – 7 days for ANdAL and 1 day for perumAL on paurnami
  • kArthigai
    • thirumangai AzhwAr uthsavam – 10 days with 4000 dhivya prabhandham sEvAkAlam completing on kArthigai
    • kaisika ekadesi – purana patanam
    • kArthigai dhIpam
  • mArgazhi
    • dhanur/mArgazhi mAsam kramam
    • adhyayana uthsavam – 20 days
    • vaikuNta EkAdhasi (rA pathu beginning)
    • nIrAtta uthsavam – 8 days
  • thai
    • sankarAnthi – mAmunigaL kaiththala sEvai to perform ANdAL nAchchiyAr on sankarAnthi
    • special celebration every Friday
  • mAsi
    • theppOthsavam (3 days) at thirumukkuLAm (divine pond)
    • annakoota uthsavam
  • panguni
    • thirukkalyANa uthsavam with dhvajArohaNam

Other AzhwArs and Acharyas 5,3 or 1 day uthsavam

kramam (routine)/timings


  • 6am – viswarUpam at ANdAL sannidhi
  • Daily Morning gOshti at periyAzhwAr sannidhi
  • nava-kalasa and snapana thirumanjanam for periyAzhwAr
  • periyAzhwAr being carried in kaiththalam (hands of archakars) and performing mangaLAsAsanam to vadabadhrasAyi emperumAn
  • Evening gOshti at ANdAL sannidhi
  • Evening gOshti at vadabadhrasAyi emperumAn sannidhi
  • 6.30am – 12 noon
  • 5pm – 8.30pm

puRappAdu kramam

  • thiruvONam – vadabadhrasAyi puRappAdu – thiruvezhukkURRirukkai
  • rEvathi – rangamannAr puRappAdu – siRiya thirumadal
  • swAthi – periyAzhwAr puRappAdu – siRiya thirumadal
  • pUram – ANdAL puRappAdu to thiru nandhavanam (garden) – nAchchiyAr thirumozhi
  • EkAdhasi – ANdAL puRappAdu – thiruvAsiriyam
  • amAvAsyai – vadabadhrasAyi puRappAdu – thiruvezhukkURRirukkai
  • mAsa pravEsam – vadabadhrasAyi puRappAdu – thiruvezhukkURRirukkai
  • Note: During anadhyayana period, it is a customary practice to recite upadhEsa rathina mAlai during puRappAdu and gOshti sEvAkAlam.

sEvkAkAla kramam


  • periyAzhwAr – thiruppallANdu, periyAzhwAr thirumozhi

  • ANdAL – nAchchiyAr thirumozhi


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